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Growing Broccoli


You know we have to have blooms in the garden. We have to have tomato blooms to make tomatoes and pepper blooms to make peppers. But we don't have need necessarily for broccoli blooms and cauliflower blooms.

I'm sitting here right in front of one of the prettiest blooms you've probable ever saw and it's broccoli. But as you can see unless you are into eating flowers, which is the to do thing now a days, you don't want your broccoli to go ahead and form these little yellow blooms as they will if you let them get over-mature.

Now how big should the broccoli bud that goes on into the bloom be? About the size of these over here. Some of these when you just begin to see the flower bud beginning to break out and become individuals that look like little match heads. That means that the broccoli head is about as big as it's going to get and you better take it otherwise it will start showing a few little yellow blooms. And you can pick those out in a day or two and still not worry about it when you cook it, but if you leave it very long it will go into this full bloom and then all you'll have a table decoration rather than one of the most nutritious vegetables that you can ever think about eating at this time of the year.

So go ahead and get your broccoli when it's in the right stage of maturity and if you're confused look at the way they sell them in the supermarket. That's the way it should look in your garden.

This is Jerry Parsons, Vegetable Specialist for the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, the Weekend Gardener.

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