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Lord have mercy, I just wear myself out every year picking all these strawberries for the Strawberry Festival in Poteet tomorrow. And this year is going to be kind of tough, because you remember last year was hot and dry and everybody said "Oh my goodness, we're hot and dry, that's wonderful for strawberry producers because the berries don't rot." This year we've had a lot of rain, the aquifer is getting full, but unfortunately, a lot of the strawberries are coming on, but they're rotting.

They're rotting because they come in contact with the soil and then they rot because of all the rain. So for that reason when you buy strawberries tomorrow at the Poteet Strawberry Festival be glad of anything that you can get because these growers have lost tens of thousands of dollars to rotting of strawberries because of mother natures tricks on us. In other words one man's treasure in the rain we got is another man's disaster. Also, this cloudy weather that we've been having, it causes them not to set as many blooms as they usually do.

So this rain, even though it's filled our aquifer up and grown us some nice lawns, it's cost these producers tens of thousands of dollars. But we'll still have some great strawberries, because we have some great strawberry producers here in the Poteet area.

This is Jerry Parsons, Vegetable Specialist for the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, the Weekend Gardener.

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