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Sweet and Juicy Satsumas


I'm sitting here with two things that I'm the proudest of in the country probably. One of them is this boy and the other one is this orange tree. I'm not saying if that's the exact order or not. This is a Satsuma, this is one of the Satsuma's that are available for sale in the local nurseries now, and it's a hardy citrus.

Jeremy, see what you think of this. Get you one of those. Now this is a taste test. This is a little two-year-old boy and we'll see what he thinks of this orange. The nice thing about it is that it's fairly easy to peel.

Can you get it? It's kind of easy to peel once you get started, and you know it's good. Look at the look on that boy's face. He knows that something good is coming.

It's hardy and it will take the cold weather that we have here. It'll go on down to twenty degrees with no problem at all. If we get below twenty degrees all you have to do is simply get you some blankets and throw it over the tree, put some light bulbs in there with it, and take care of it like that, especially if it's going to get below twenty degrees.

Another thing that you can do with these types of trees is grow them in containers, such as we have right behind us here. This is a container that can be simply moved in and moved out of the garage if we have temperatures below twenty degrees. And that means that we can have citrus, or Satsuma's, in an area that we usually don't think that we can have citrus.

Are you about ready to eat that thing? Let me help you with that.

And I guarantee you, if you do go to all the trouble to grow one of these in your own backyard, you'll find out like this boy finds out that there's good eating to be had. So try Satsuma, it should be planted now, or a Changsha, Changsha Tangerine, is something else. But this Satsuma is hard to beat. It's seedless, easy to peel, and liked by all.

This has been Jerry Parsons, Vegetable Specialist for the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, the Weekend Gardener.

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