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Jerry Parsons:
So today I've got Dr. Ikins here talking about the sexuality of the water lily. You know, you always improve your ratings when you talk about sexuality. What's different about the sex of a water lily flower?

Clyde Ikins:
Well Jerry, many, many plants have many different houses of sex that is male plants and female plants. In the case of the water lily flower, it stays open for 3 days. The first day the water lily flowers open, it's a female flower. The flower petals are spread by the stigmatic lip, which is full of liquid nectar to attract insects to pollinate the flower. The second and the third day flower the stamens form a cone around the flower until the stigmatic lip is dry and it's the male flower that's open the last 2 days.

Jerry Parsons:
That sounds kind of kinky to me, but it's bound to increase our ratings. Dr. Ikins also tells me that these people that get really involved with them have a name. What is that called?

Clyde Ikins:
The water lily belongs to the genus Nymphaea. They refer to us as Nymphaeamanics.

Jerry Parsons:
All right, so see we have one right here on the Weekend Garden. This has been Jerry Parsons Vegetable Specialist with Texas Agriculture Extension Service with Dr. Clyde Ikins world-renowned water lily expert.

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