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Pink Bluebonnets


The bluebonnet itself has many different color strains in it. This is the Worthington of course, the one we talked about. Of course one of the most exciting things about it was finding and developing a lot of seed of this pink one, because pink is rarest of the rare of all the bluebonnets that exist in Texas. Now we have acres of them as you can see. Seed will be available and transplants will be available for years to come so people will be able to plant this in their flowerbeds. It stands alone, it's so pretty. Or you can mix it with these other types of color that have been developed and really enjoy for the first time the Texas state flower like it has never been enjoyed before.

It hasn't been that easy though. Because when they started developing colors a few years ago, you can see some are lighter than others. They've actually got different shades of pink, and of course we were trying to develop a darker pink as we possibly could, almost to a red. So we could have something to paint the Texas state flag with. That's how all of this really began.

When you do really good work people say, "Well since you think you're such a hotshot, I bet if you mixed the blue and pink together, you may come up with a maroon." A maroon bluebonnet. Then all the Aggies all over the state would go nuts, and of course everyone else would get mad because they would think that we were trying to change the color of the state flower.

Well you have to be careful when you say something like that to the group that I'm working with, because if it's out there, we're going to find it. If you look around at some of the fields and some of the places, low and behold you may just come up with a maroon Aggie bluebonnet. In fact I would probably guess that in a couple of years from now, you may be able to buy seed and transplants of an Aggie maroon bluebonnet of the Texas state flower.

So if there are other colors out there that are school colors, they will be found and they'll be developed too, because the people that we are working with are intent on making the bluebonnet the best that it can be. It is the Texas state flower and it will be even better.

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