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Harvesting Pears


You can really tell we're going to have a good pear crop this year. We have one every other year because pears produce so many when they do have fruit on the tree they can't muster enough energy to have them the following year, same way with pecans. But this year we've got a great pear crop, and those of you who have been worried about the squirrels eating the pears off, you're luckier than most, because what they've done is thin the crop. Now this pear tree has been thinned by squirrels ever since spring. This one has not. Look how little and rough and ugly this pear is compared to this pretty thing here. So the squirrels have been doing you a good favor, don't worry about them.

People worry about when in the world are the pears ready to harvest? Go ahead and harvest them when the skin turns from a greenish to a yellowish and when they absolutely start falling on the ground, they'll be ready. If you need some recipes send me a self-addressed stamped envelope to the Weekend Gardener P.O. Box TV 5 San Antonio, TX 78299 or jump on the internet, on the KENS website and that's and on the front page you will see Parsons recipes down there, and there will be those pear recipes. My own mama's pear preserve recipe is there and there is nothing better.

This is Jerry Parsons, Vegetable Specialist for the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, the Weekend Gardener.

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