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Phalaenopsis Orchids with Dr. Yin Tung Wang


The people here did not produce in the past until after we started our research and the main reason is this is a very beautiful plant and it's kind of an exotic plant. The nice thing is that when they start to bloom, they remain blooming for 2 - 4 months so it's very long lasting and the flowers are very pretty and whoever sees them love them.

Yes it's pretty amazing that these flowers can stay blooming for that long of a period of time. What makes your research here, what are you doing different than the ordinary orchid producer would do?

We look at how the poor water quality here would affect the plants and growth and also at the same time we use some non-traditional soil medium to grow orchids, which make them recover better and grow faster and also bloom faster than using the traditional medium. So we have been very successful in doing this test and we have transferred this technique to the producers.

You know these orchids we are used to seeing these traditional orchids in corsage type situations. These orchids would be good for houseplants and about anything else wouldn't they?

Yes these are designed for sale in pots, like a potted plant like you would buy pots of a chrysanthemum, or like a pot of a poinsettia. These are not designed for use of cut flowers and people have been buying them very well.

How many different varieties are you growing here, or different types?

All orchids you see here are Phalenopsis are so called moth or butterfly orchids. We have probably 30 different varieties.

Okay so you have a lot of different colors and sizes. Which are your favorite ones?

My favorite one is probably this one you see in the background. When it blooms the diameter is about 5 inches across. Very large, long lasting flower. We also some other cultivars with flowers less than an inch across.

Well thank you Dr. Wang. You know these orchids are really pretty and you'll probably be seeing them more and more in the future because of the help of Dr. Wang and some of the producers in the valley to bring some of these beautiful flowers into the San Antonio area so that you can purchase them yourself.

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