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Pear Varieties


Jerry Parsons:
Well it's not pear-eating time in South Texas, but it sure is pear planting time and probably the most important time in the life of a pear tree. You sure need to find out the right varieties that will do well for this area, and believe it or not, there is only about 4 that do well. I've got 3 of them in my hand here. This one is called Orient; this is the Keeper; the one that is more common, and the one that looks like an apple on the back is called Monterrey. The reason that we use these particular pears is because they are resistant to fireblight which causes the leaf to turn black and darken on the trees such as you see here. Sometimes it takes out large branches if you plant unadapted varieties such as Bartlett and some of those types of things. Believe it or not we have another pear that is a beautiful thing. It was a selection from Lacona and it was released, not found but kind of introduced to the market by one of our local nurserymen Mr. Eddie Fanick. Where did you find this beautiful pear?

Eddie Fanick:
This one here was found in Mexico by Mr. Stiles when he was sent down there to upgrade the horticulture in Mexico. He found that pear; he liked it so well that he brought it to San Antonio. In time, I got a piece of cutting from it because he really didn't use it. We like it so well we named it after him; Fan Style.

Jerry Parsons:
Okay so it is called Fan Style and it is on the market now, one of the better pears and definitely fireblight resistant pear. So when you think of pears this time of year think of these four names Keeper, Orient, Fan Style, and Monterrey. This is Jerry Parsons, Weekend Gardener.

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