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Ed Fanick Tribute


Texas gardeners and even National gardeners lost a real asset this past week. Ninety-two year old Mr. Fanick passed away. You know I never will think of a rose, or see a rose without thinking of Mr. Ed Fanick carefully potting them up, pruning them, picking the right varieties in this area so that people could have real success growing roses.

I never will see a fig without thinking of the varieties that he put on market, and also the information that he gave to me that made me realize that figs will actually produce in the shade. Which very few trees will do.

I never will see a pear blooming in the spring or producing fruit in the fall and not think of Fan Style, which is a pear that Mr. Fanick put on the market. I will always remember him sitting out on those fertilizer bags out in front of the store giving out sage advice to experts and novices free of charge, from information gained through years of experience.

Of course Mr. Fanick lived life in the fast lane as you can see and I was glad I had the opportunity to take a ride with him. This is Jerry Parson, Extension Horticulturalist with Texas Agriculture Extension Service, The Weekend Gardener, a disciple of Mr. Ed Fanick.

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