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Ed Fanick Tribute


You know, it's hard to grow plants in this area. Seems like we have bad soils or any soils at all. Seems like the climate is unpredictable; it's either too rainy or too dry, or one of the other. So we have to start out with good plants, and we have to make sure they are tested for this area and are adapted to this area.

You say, "Where does all that information come from? You can't read it out of a book because there aren't any specific books written for this area."

Where it comes from is knowledge. Knowledge gleamed through the ages from people like Mr. Ed Fanick. This coming Monday Mr. Ed Fanick is going to be ninety years old and for the last half a century he has given us a lot of information on plant material to give to you and bring to you so that you can have success in your back yard.

For instance, he named a lot of plants that were so good, he decided he would put his name on such as the figs, such as the Fan Blue Fig. He's got a pear called Fan Style Pear, which is one of the most adapted and recommended pears for the area. He's got some of the German Red Carnation, which is one of his discoveries and promotion. Of course roses are his first love. So we've got a lot that we owe Mr. Fanick and want everyone to come out and see him on his ninetieth birthday.

He loves almond covered M&M's or chocolate covered almond M&M's. So bring him a package and tell him how much you appreciate the great gift he has given us, the gift of knowledge and working out all of these plants that do well in this area.

This has been Jerry Parson Vegetable Specialist with the Texas Agriculture Extension Service, The Weekend Gardener.

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