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Chinese Trumpetcreeper with Jerry Parsons and Aphrodite


Jerry Parsons:Well here we are with a beautiful little lady and a beautiful flower. This is a Chinese Trumpetcreeper that we have been talking about that we've been so excited about and finally have on the market. Here is the originator of all the Chinese Trumpetcreeper in the entire United States and her name is appropriate Aphrodite because she has such a beautiful flower and gets everybody all excited about this particular plant. Now tell me where this came from. You said your father grafted this particular plant behind us. How many years ago?

Aphrodite:Sixty years ago.

Jerry Parsons:Sixty years ago he grafted this plant. The plant we're standing by is sixty years old and very seldom pruned. Now you tell me you grafted some too. How did he actually graft these plants?

Aphrodite:You cut a piece from this regular plant.

Jerry Parsons:Okay you cut a piece of this regular plant.

Aphrodite:Split it open.

Jerry Parsons:You split it open, okay.

Aphrodite:Split the wild one.

Jerry Parsons:Okay you split the wild one.

Aphrodite:Stick that in.

Jerry Parsons:Stick that in.

So what we call it is grafted big pretty flower onto the wild one, and then we have a dwarf plant.

Aphrodite:That's right.

Jerry Parsons:Well, what has happened is this lady has so kindly let us come and take pieces off this particular plant and we have rooted them rather than grafted them and now they are available all in the garden centers and everything and they are available all over the United States thanks to you and your daddy for keeping this plant alive. We appreciate it.

Aphrodite:Thank you.

Jerry Parsons:This is Jerry Parsons Vegetable Specialist with Texas Agriculture Extension Service, The Weekend Gardener with the keeper of mother plant of all Chinese Trumpetkeepers

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