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Chinese Trumpetcreeper


You know, I don't think many of us would mind taking a backseat to a beautiful flower like this. This is a spectacular plant called Chinese Trumpetcreeper. These beautiful apricot blooms almost look tropical on this particular plant. But it's on a plant that is actually a hardy.

In other words, a plant that won't freeze, it will go dormant in the winter and come back year after year. This is called Chinese Trumpetcreeper. Now when you say Trumpetcreeper to most people who has experience with them, they are used to those plants that you plant in them one year and they're growing over the house the next year.

This is a true dwarf Chinese Trumpetcreeper and stays this big. For instance, this plant I'm squatted in here was planted 60 years ago, but has never been pruned. So that means you can plant some of these plants in a container, a whisky size barrel container, put it on the full sun on the patio or in the apartment building and it will bloom like this all year long and have this beautful bright foliage to beautify all summer long and then go dormant in the winter and then come back year after year.

So try the Chinese Trumpetcreeper, it's a spectacular plant for this area and this particular plant is the mother of all the Chinese Trumpetcreepers in the United States. So it is uniquely San Antonio.

This is Jerry Parsons Vegetable Specialist with Texas Agriculture Extension Service, The Weekend Gardener.

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