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Jim Thomas:Introducing one of the newest crops to hit Texas, apples. In the past 10 years apple production has grown rapidly.

Baxter Adams:We have probably plant several 100,000 trees a year and the production has increased enormously in the past several years and in the next couple of years we will probably see it double or triple every year from now on.

Jim Thomas:Near the town Medina in Bandera County, Baxter Adams and his apples are the best around.

Baxter Adams:Jim, this is an orchard that we planted back in the winter of '81 and '82 and it was a very experimental orchard and it was the first apple orchard in this area that succeeded. It's from this orchard and what we learned in it that the apple industry in this area has preceeded.

Jim Thomas:Are you surprised that it has grown as much as it has?

Baxter Adams:Oh yeah. I would have never dreamed that it would get as big as fast as it has.

Jim Thomas:After the apples leave the orchard and before they go to the store, they come to this facility here in Medina. This is where they are washed and sorted by size. Adam's Apples has experiemented with about 30 varieties of apples. But has narrowed production to about 10 types. Some of the apples go to area stores in boxes, but others wind up as cider at the Cider Mill and Country Store in Medina. Here you will find apple cider, apple pie, and everything in between. So if you're an apple lover, make a trip to Medina and buy some gormet apple ice cream. It will definetely put a smile on your face. In Medina, Jim Thomas, Channel 5 Eye Witness News.

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