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Texas Flag in Bluebonnets


Bridget Smith of San Antonio's KENS-TV 5 interviews Dr. Jerry Parsons at the site of the Texas flag planted in red, white and blue bluebonnets at Wildseed Farms in Fredericksburg, Texas. 2003.

Bridget: When did you first get the idea?

Jerry: OK

That this would be a good idea? Oh, it's just wonderful! These flowers are just gorgeous.

Jerry: Well, I don't know if it's a good idea yet.

Bridget: They smell so sweet.

Jerry: We started on this program in 1982.

Bridget: Jerry Parsons and a buddy the strings of this dream that long ago. The idea seemed to be rooted in fertile soil.

Jerry: Lets do a red, white, and blue bluebonnet flag for the sesqui-centennial, which was 1986.

Bridget: One little problem. Oh, they had the bluebonnets, but those other bonnets?

Jerry: We needed a red and a white. It's what you call young foolish optimism. We did have the white by 1986. We were going to find the pink and make it darker, which is exactly what we did.

Bridget: Well they missed the sesqui-centennial deadline. Turns out the project would average about 20 years, mainly to get all of their ducks, bluebonnets, in a row. Were you confident that is was going to look the way you wanted it to?

Jerry: A lot of prayer, yeah.

Bridget: You should know that Jerry's wife, Carolyn, has a garden at home, and being married to a guy who can do that, can't you just imagine what her garden looks like. Promise you you can't.

Jerry: She brings that to my attention. Our place looks like hell when the fire's out, but yet here...(laughs).

Bridget: Since Parsons and his flag have weathered their share of storms, but he refused to let this whole thing wither. Remember now, he set out to see it through. That was his pledge.

Jerry: These colors of the bluebonnet have never existed in this large a planting together in the history of the world. As one of my friend's says, 'He's not very bright, but he sure is persistent.'

Bridget: And that's you.

Jerry: That's what made it happen.

Bridget: In Fredericksburg, Bridget Smith, KENS 5 Eyewitness News.

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