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Poinsettias at Dietert's Greenhouses


Well it must be Christmas time because we're doing a poinsettia story. And of course the poinsettia, which is nothing more than a Mexican weed that has been brought to the United States, has come to symbolize Christmas in this country. If you haven't got one you should get one.

The choice is not going to be easy this year because as you can see, there are all sorts of different colors. Everything from whites to pinks to stripes, and the foliage is different colors also. You've got all sorts of types of poinsettias to choose from. So if you haven't got one to beautify your home get it now.

The next thing people ask is how to keep them blooming and looking pretty the longest. They always want to drop their leaves. Well of course, because they've been growing in the greenhouse and when you put them in the shade of your house they're going to drop their leaves a little bit. The next thing is if you want to keep the leaves on for as long as possible don't over water them. Keep them moist, but not wet and not dry.

The next question that people always ask is, of course this is not a very pretty poinsettia and why is that? Well it's because the kids have been eating the leaves. Don't let your kid eat the leaves even though they're not poisonous. Remember last year, they're not poisonous. I love myself would I be killing myself by eating the leaves, but look what it does to the plant when you eat the leaves. Take them to McDonalds somewhere and don't let them eat the poinsettia leaves.

Keep it moist and keep it beautiful in your house but when you get through with it through it in the garbage. In other words use it and then lose it.

This is Jerry Parsons, Vegetable Specialist for the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, the Weekend Gardener.

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