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Petunias for Texas


Well, as you can see, the first couple of freezes haven't bothered these petunias. So they join ranks of our bloomers that do well in the wintertime in cold weather. As you can see, some of these lantanas right next to the petunias are burned back and they are in a sorry situation this time of the year, but the petunias are doing well.

This one I'm sitting in front of, or behind, is one called V.I.P., called Violet In Profusion or Very Important Petunia, because it's the mama of all petunias. It, along with a new little petunia they have on the market now called Milliflora which means it has real small blooms, bloom right on through the wintertime.

Now the large blooming petunias a lot of us are used to, the Grandiflora and the Multiflora petunias, sometimes after a hard freeze they won't bloom anymore for the rest of the winter. If they live through it, and you'll have to mulch them down if you have a real hard freeze, and if they make it through it they will be spectacular in the spring.

So you might want to try some of these little petunias for blooming in the wintertime until we have the first hard freeze. Then bank on that you're going to have some beautiful bloom next spring from all petunias that you planted at this time of the year.

This is Jerry Parsons, Vegetable Specialist for the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, the Weekend Gardener.

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