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Palms for Texas


You know I've noticed that there are some people that are experts on killing trees in this area. They run cars into them, lawnmowers, weed-eat the bark off of them, and everything else trying to kill good trees. Well for those types of people you may be needing the tropical look and so we've got the answer for you because you can't kill a palm by running into it, even with a semi truck; especially if you choose the right kind.

Now we are in cold temperatures and there are palms that are very sensitive to cold so you have to be careful in the ones you choose. The ones that we're recommending for this area include the Hardy California, this is the way it's sold even if you're buying it in Texas, the Hardy California Fan form. And it's grown into a tree. We're not talking about a little old bush here, we're talking about a tree that can wink at ten degrees temperatures and not even worry about it.

There are also some other types of palms, one called Windmill Palm that's extremely hardy in this area. Then of course we have on that I'm kind of interested in because it's got an edible fruit on it called a Pindo or Jelly Palm. You can actually make jelly out of the fruit.

So all three of those are available in local nurseries and all three of those will tolerate extremely cold temperature. If you get the wrong one, remember those three names, you may be simply be making a place for a peckerwood to have a home and as you can see they will die if you get the wrong one. So remember the three, the Hearty California Fan Palm, the Pindo or Jelly Palm, and of course the Windmill Palm.

This is Jerry Parsons, Vegetable Specialist for the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, the Weekend Gardener.

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