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Orchids for Texas


Well as usual I've traveled to the deepest darkest parts of the San Antonio Botanical Center to show you one of the most beautiful jungle flowers that you can have beautify your home, the Orchid.

We've talked about these orchids in the past. How the blooms, when they open, can last as long as ninety days. So you can get an orchid now and that thing will take care of a loved one for Thanksgiving and Christmas and beyond.

You may say, "Well where can I get some of these beautiful orchids, all these different colored orchids?" Well this is the weekend to act. The Alamo Orchid Society is having their show and sale at the Seven Oaks Resort Hotel on Fourteen Hundred Austin Highway. Friday they will be opened until seven o'clock, on Saturday they will be opened until nine o'clock showing these orchids, and on Sunday they will be opened until four o'clock.

So this weekend you will have an opportunity to see and purchase some of these beautiful orchids as well as talk to some people over there that know a lot about orchid growing. So if you want to get the perfect Christmas gift, the perfect Thanksgiving gift, or the perfect first of the year gift, New Year's gift, orchid buys this weekend are something to think about.

This is Jerry Parsons, Vegetable Specialist for the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, the Weekend Gardener.

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