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Montezuma Cypress


You know the most commonly asked question I get is what is the best, most disease resistant, insect resistant, fastest growing tree for this area. And there's no doubt that there's only one answer and that is the Montezuma Cypress, or cypress. And of course Montezuma Cypress is a lot faster growing, and a lot prettier tree than is the ball cypress that you see along the rivers and everything.

Because these things so grow along the rivers a lot of people think they have to be close to water to grow, but that's not true. They're drought tolerant trees, but the other nice thing about them is they can grow in standing water. So that means if over-zealous homeowners tend to over water them, they'll live through it.

I would encourage that if you get a small tree, and there's a good supply of them in the local nurseries, to be sure that you plant them the appropriate distance from high wires and things like that because they will grow three to four feet a year; so big that you have to use a ladder to get in them after ten years.

This tree is ten years old and it's over forty feet tall. And you also have to plant some of those beautiful shade tolerant plants, like firespike, beneath them because they will get big and give you a lot of shade and be a long lasting beautiful tree for your yard.

Remember the Montezuma Cypress and plant it now.

This is Jerry Parsons, Vegetable Specialist for the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, the Weekend Gardener.

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