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Mari-Mums at the San Antonio Botanical Center


You know these marigolds are probably a flower of choice here in San Antonio. This is the way they look in August. Of course these were planted earlier on in the spring and they look pretty nice. Believe it or not they've grown out of their element because a marigold is a short day plant, meaning they respond to cooler temperatures and shorter days. That's exactly what we're getting ready to have this fall. These particular marigolds are fairly tall growing. As you see I'm standing on a horse here behind these so they're pretty tall as you might imagine.

There's one that's even smaller growing, very compact growing, with much nicer blooms than these called mari-mums. The mari-mum is a plant, a marigold, that was introduced several years ago and the reason it's called a mari-mum is because it's actually got a bloom that's larger than a chrysanthemum and much easier to grow than a chrysanthemum.

You plant those in August. You get those transplants at your local nurseries, plant them in a full sun condition plant them in August. They will start blooming the day you put them out or about a week or two after you plant them out and by the middle of October especially around Halloween they're the prettiest things you've ever seen in your life.

So these are pretty but just wait and see what you have coming when you plant the mari-mums now. Plant them now and enjoy them at Halloween and Thanksgiving.

This is Jerry Parsons, Vegetable Specialist for the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, the Weekend Gardener.

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