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Louisiana Iris


I'm out here at the zoo with Kerry the kinkajou out here giving me a lot of trouble; he's native of Mexico. We're out looking at some other natives of different areas of the country. This Louisiana Iris is mighty pretty and something that we might need to start looking at at this time of the year as much rain as we've had.

You know a lot of people are getting into these water gardens or either have a wet place in their yard or something that they want to plant an iris that will do well in those particular areas. Of course the Louisiana Iris is something that we definitely want to think about.

Now, the standard iris, I work under adverse conditions here, the standard Iris, flag, is the one we are normally used to. It's like this and the Louisiana Iris is very similar to it only they bloom once a year. As you can tell they come in very different, beautiful colors. They are basically the same flag design but they come in different colors. So you can choose whichever kind you want to plant in the wet places. They will actually grow in standing water, but they do better if they are at the edge of the water.

So if you have a rock garden or water garden and you want to have some beautiful blooms around don't forget the Louisiana Iris and you might even want a kinkajou or one of those types of things.

This is Jerry Parsons, Vegetable Specialist for the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, the Weekend Gardener.

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