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Well it's back, and it's back with a vigor. Bermuda grass. Lord have mercy, doesn't it look fine. But, as usual, because it's kind of thinned out during the drought, we have a few weeds popping up and most weeds can be taken care of in Bermuda grass with MSMA. Let me spell it M-S-M-A, and all you have to do is spray it over the top. It will kill everything but the Bermuda grass. It might yellow it a little bit, but it sure won't kill it.

Unless you have Nut grass or Nut sedge. If you have Nut sedge, and that's what this pretty stuff is out here that a lot of you have, what you want to use on that is a new product called Image. I-M-A-G-E, image, if you can imagine that. Both of those are available at your local nurseries and both of those will both take care of your problems without hurting the Bermuda grass.

Now Bermuda grass can only be grown successfully in the sun. If you're in a shaded area you're going to have to use St. Augustine. When you have them both in combination like that you want to mow the Bermuda grass about an inch or less and mow it every 5-7 days. When you get ready to mow your St Augustine raise the blade to as high as your lawnmower will cut and that's the way that you cut your St. Augustine and you will be successful with both of those.

Remember: water each one of them every week an inch of water. That means put the sprinkler out there and let it run an hour to an hour and a half in each spot, and you can recover the grass that we almost lost last year.

This is Jerry Parsons, Vegetable Specialist for the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, the Weekend Gardener.

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