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Hydrangeas for Mother's Day


I just like to get about neck deep in these Hydrangeas right before Mother's Day. Of course Mother's Day is coming up this Sunday and you need to be thinking about it. This is about one of the nicest plants that you can get for your old mama and make her mighty happy. It doesn't stink up the house either like a lot of other plants.

A lot of people look at these plants and if you see them growing in the southeast they're kind of bluish like the ones right here in front of me. Or if you see them growing around here they're reddish. They are the same variety. They're the same type of plant and the reason that they're blue or red depends on the acid mix that they're grown in, whether they're acid or alkaline.

Now they are interesting plants because they're almost opposite litmus. If you take litmus paper and put it in acid it turns red. You take a Hydrangea and put it in acid, it turns blue. So that means all our soils are alkaline around here, so that means all our Hydrangeas that are growing out in the wild or out in our yards are most of the time red.

If you look at this plant here you see one that's kind of been dosed differently. The flowers on your left are bluish while these on the other side are a little bit reddish. So this one is not completely alkaline or not completely acid and I don't know what's its going to do.

Regardless of the color you like you buy them in containers in supermarkets and local nurseries and you can make your old mama happy this coming week.

This is Jerry Parsons, Vegetable Specialist for the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, the Weekend Gardener.

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