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Production of Interior Foliage Plants


Have you ever wondered where all these houseplants come from that you buy in supermarkets and wherever? Well they're grown in a greenhouse just like tomato plants are and some of the other vegetable plants are; just a regular greenhouse. But they've modified the greenhouses that these houseplants are grown in so that they will live a little bit longer when you buy them and take them home. Because as you well know if you grow a plant in the full sun and then take it home and put it in the shade of your house all the leaves will fall off.

What they've done here, we're in the Rio Grand Valley down at Long Star Greenhouses, is they put shade up so that it will kind of simulate the shade that you will have in your houses. So when you buy plants that are grown under these conditions, lo and behold, they won't drop their leaves immediately when you get them home. The main problem you will have is controlling humidity, which fluctuates and does damage plants quite a bit.

There are many different kinds of plants to choose from. As you see, I have a colorful one here and of course you've got some white leaf ones, some green ones, and some ferns and whatever to actually fit the kind of environment that you plan to put it in. So this is where the houseplants come from and now that they've made some changes in the way they're actually being grown and produced they'll live a lot longer in your house.

This is Jerry Parsons, Vegetable Specialist for the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, the Weekend Gardener.

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