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Cyclamens for the Cool Seasons


You know when I make a mistake I'm always the last one to admit it and I made a little mistake a little bit earlier.

This is ornamental cabbage that I'm holding and of course the white center is beautiful especially in shaded area where pansies and dianthus and some of those things won't do well in. Now the mistake I made was saying you couldn't have something that bloomed in the shade. But guess what. We've taken a houseplant that can now be used in the winter. It's cold hardy and will go down to fifteen degrees and all it'll do is burn the blooms off.

It's called cyclamen. A lot of you have grown these as houseplants and have enjoyed them there but now they are in some of the local nurseries and you can put them out in shaded locations, and they'll give bloom and beautify that area during the cold temperature, and of course it'll probably be the first thing to bloom in the spring.

Now, they probably won't last as long as pansies or dianthus when we come out into the hot spring. But this winter when we are so desperate for something that blooms, especially in the shade, don't forget to try some Cyclamen. They are now available in the local nurseries.

This is Jerry Parsons, Vegetable Specialist for the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, the Weekend Gardener.

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