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You know usually July and August are hot months of the year and people are usually looking for something to beautify that hot desolate time. I think that this is pretty pretty, don't you? It's mighty pretty as a matter of fact.

It's called Cosmos and the seeds are actually planted in July and August. Now of course you can plant Cosmos in the early spring as well, but this particular plant gets extremely large if you plant it in the early spring. So it's best really to keep the seed and plant them in late July and early August, just seed them out in a full sun area, kind of rake them into the tops of the soil, and when the rains come or you water them, they'll come up and start giving you this kind of beauty in October and November until the first frost comes.

They will be ready for the Monarchs, which migrate here in the fall. The beautiful Monarch butterflies will really appreciate you planting them out there and attract the butterflies in your area. You can enjoy the beauty of Cosmos as well as feed the migrating Monarchs.

So try to think about the Cosmos. These particular seeds are available from Wildseed ( in Eagle Lake or Fredericksburg. We're in Fredericksburg now taking a picture of their beautiful Cosmo field. So you can get the seeds, they are readily available, of Cosmos to be planted in July or August.

This is Jerry Parsons, Vegetable Specialist for the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, the Weekend Gardener.

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