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Colorful Plants for Containers


Well, a lot of people think of big old gardens when you think about backyard gardens or patio gardens. The thing about it is you need to be thinking about containers if you don't have a large area or if you just want to beautify a small location. A lot of nurseries and supermarkets and things like that have some help for you because they've already got some containers that are appropriate size and already potted up.

These are color bowls in front of us; they've got several different species of plants in here and flowering plants as well as greenery. Cut them back or trim them back every now and then, fertilize them, and they will be beautiful for you for a long, long time in those little areas that you need to beautify.

Behind me of course is a trough, a planting trough that we have herbs in, so it's a herb trough, and you can plant a whole different bunch of types of herbs in there because you don't need very much room for all those herbs. They have mint in here because mint grows very easily, its drought tolerant, and you can use it in your tea. They've got a bunch of other things if you've got time to plant them you can even plant thyme in there.

Of course people are always saying "What do I do with the herbs when I get them?" All you have to do is go into the KENS website at and there will be the herb recipe book under the Parsons' recipes page and you can get more recipes for herbs than you ever thought was in the world. So beautify your small locations even if you have a patio or something else with the color bowls or the herb trough and get those recipes off the kens webpage.

This is Jerry Parsons, Vegetable Specialist for the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, the Weekend Gardener.

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