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Texas Bluebonnets


Look at this cute little thing. Look at those little baby leaves and those little fuzzy leaves and they're pointed and everything. That's a little baby bluebonnet. That's a baby Texas State Flower right there.

But the problem is we've got some of these renegade flowers. You know, these weeds out of place, they call them. The bad thing about it is they're both going to stay little for a couple of months and then these weeds are going to grow faster than that bluebonnet. We can't let that happen for those of us who love the bluebonnets. We can't let it happen, those of us who love the bluebonnet. What we've got to do is take these broadleaf leaf weeds out now without damaging the bluebonnet.

Now the good news is you only have to have one of these bluebonnet plants every twelve inches to have a full blooming stand next spring, in March when they bloom. So all you have to do is get some Round Up with glyphosate herbicide so is Ortho Klean up. Then just come in here and carefully spray when the wind's not blowing. Spray these bad old weeds and kill these broadleaf weeds and that won't hurt the bluebonnets because it's kind of a weed too.

And sure enough next spring they will burst into full glory as we are used to seeing in late March. Those beautiful waves of blue and, before long, maroon, red, and all sorts of other colors coming to you courtesy of Texas A&M University. But if you want bluebonnets next spring you have to remember to thin them out, population control we call it, and you've also got to give them a little extra water if the winter stays dry.

This is Jerry Parsons, Vegetable Specialist for the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, the Weekend Gardener.

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