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This is the week to go to the San Antonio Botanical Center because it sure looks pretty out there. As you see from all these blooming flowers around things couldn't be prettier. Two things that we want you to notice when you go out there to look at the pretty flowers are the flowers that you see, such as these pansies I'm sitting in, and there's all sorts of different colors; they look beautiful. Also you see some snapdragons at this time of the year, long bloom spikes. And then you see some dianthus that's really blooming pretty at this time of the year. All the things you see blooming really pretty at the Botanical Center you shouldn't plant now. Those are all fall planted spring blooming annuals that should have been planted last fall. What you need to do is plant the summer annuals.

Another thing I want you to remember when you go out to the Botanical Center is look around at the mass plantings. They're thick. There's more than just one in each bed. They're thick. You can even see them a couple thousand feet high in Chopper 5. You can still see the beauty of these beds and recognize them as flowers and even which ones they are.

So plant in mass, plant the ones that you should plant at the right time of the year, and you can have beautiful annuals and or even perennials blooming in your yard all year long.

This has been Jerry Parsons, for the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, the Weekend Gardener.

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