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You're looking at one of the most authentic, oldest wineries in Texas, Val Verde Winery in Del Rio, Texas. Now the reason I say it's authentic is because they're not making any California copy wine. They're making wines out of these grapes like Herbermont and Champanel that they have grown on the premises for over a hundred years. Lets look at exactly how they make the wine out in Del Rio.

The first thing of course you need to do in making up the wine is to get the juice out. Of course you run them through a squeezer, such as we see here, and get the stems off and kind of break the grapes up a little bit. Then of course you put them through a juicer to get the juice out. Once you've got the juice, then you go ahead and put it in these big wooden barrels, of course they're large and they're oak. They have to be solid oat and this is where they go through the aging process.

About eighteen months later you're ready to break that barrel open, bottle it, and then you can check to see what you have. Some people like to smell it to see what the bouquet is, some people sip it and swash it around in their mouth to see how it taste. But if you have an authentic Texas wine you know it's smooth as silk and you get down to some serous chug-a-lugging.

[Drinking wine]

And you really enjoy the taste of authentic wine.

This has been Jerry Parsons, Vegetable Specialist for the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, the Weekend Gardener.

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