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Pumpkins 'n Possums


Well next week is time. That's right it's pumpkin time, hi sweetie, and guess what's getting ready to happen. We're getting ready to have Halloween. And you know there's nothing in the world better for than Halloween than pumpkin and possum. That's right, they don't get any better.

Of course we're over here at Northwest Hills United Methodist Church on Tezel and we've got a great big patch of pumpkins out here. And of course I've got a possum here, and like my old mama says there's nothing better than possums and pumpkins for Halloween.

You may wonder where in the world do you get all these pumpkins? Can you go out and pick them from a farmer's field? No, because of our weather conditions we can't grow a lot of pumpkins around here so these came from out of state or either up around the high plains of Texas. So don't think that you're going to pick one out of some farmer's patch. You've got to pick one out of these patches that are around town. Most of them go for a pretty good cause especially the ones right here at Northwest United Methodist Church on Tinsel.

The possum is local and of course everybody's always talking about how good those pumpkin pie recipes are or how good the pumpkin pie is. If it's so good why do we only eat it at Halloween and Christmas? But I have recipes for possum and pumpkin pies so this can be one of the best Halloween's and most memorable Halloween's you've ever had.

This is Jerry Parsons, Vegetable Specialist for the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, the Weekend Gardener.

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