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Safety around Power Lines


You know a lot of us plant, or maybe the squirrels plant, little old trees that turn into big old trees that get into the utility line and low and behold before long we've got a problem or we've got a potential problem.

The CPS, they're doing us a favor because if you had to get up there and cut all those things down you'd probably fall out of there and break all your body parts or whatever. They do us a good job and they come by and try to get these limbs and everything out of the utility lines so if we have an ice storm and a windstorm it won't blow down and hit your tree.

Now not only would you be out of power but you would also be upset with what it would do to your tree. It's going to do a lot more damage than they'll do when they come through cutting. You see this burnt branch here and you see these little limbs they don't look like much but when they get hit with high voltage electricity bad things can happen.

[Hitting limbs with a high bolt of electricity]

Now that's bad enough on your trees and limbs. If it doesn't catch the tree on fire and then catch your house on fire it may electrocute you when the wires break. So next time you see your CPS folks out there don't be fussing and cussing. Carry them some lemonade and cookies out there because they're probably saving you a lot of grief.

This is Jerry Parsons, Vegetable Specialist for the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, the Weekend Gardener.

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