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Jerry Parsons Goes to Mazatlan


Extension Horticulturist's have looked far and wide to try to find new plants for the area and it looks like I've washed up on the beach over here in Mazatlan in Western Mexico and look at all this stuff we're seeing.

Some familiar things like bougainvillea, which a lot of people grow in the pots so, they can take in and out of the house so it won't freeze. But over here these things are trees that cover half the house and decks and everything else. They have beautiful different colors and everything else spectacular, but of course we couldn't grow things in the ground like that.

Then we see some other spectacular things like the Blue Plumbago that a lot of people like to use in the shade and in shady areas and then of course the Hibiscus. A real pretty hibiscus; different shapes and different colors and things like that.

But we're looking for new plants and if you look up here at this golden trumpet that we found. It's a vine or a shrub down here. Maybe a wonderful pot plant in the San Antonio, Texas area and something that we are looking for.

And trees. Look at this beautiful red flame tree. It's spectacular. Maybe we won't be able to grow it as a tree but we sure might be able to put it in a pot and have this kind of beauty. Then of course last but not least look at this yellow Acadia tree, spectacular legume type tree. And all we have to do is climb this tree get a few pods and get back to the house with it and the only way I know is to go the way that I came. So here we go; we'll see how it works.

This is Jerry Parsons, Vegetable Specialist for the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, the Weekend Gardener.

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