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Flowers for Mothers' Day


Today's show is to remind you of one of the most important days of the year coming up Sunday; it's Mother's Day. Everybody has one and most people don't tell them how much we love them.

Well one of the best ways to do that is tell them with flowers. I'm sitting on a big old bench of hydrangeas here that's ready to go to your florist, or to your nursery, or to your supermarkets so you can pick one of these for your old mama.

Maybe you want to give her something that blooms all the way through the summer such as the impatiens, the New Guinea Impatiens. Maybe she's got a flowerbed that's sort of shaded and you can get the regular impatiens that you actually plant in the ground. And these impatiens come in all different colors and they are spectacular and will keep blooming all summer long, especially if you put them in the shade.

Of course the obvious flower for Mother's Day are Mums and they come in all different colors and Mums for Mumma's Day (or Momma's Day) are absolutely perfect for your mother. The important thing to remember is to get her something because one of these days you might not be able to give her something and that will be the saddest day of your life, trust me.

This is Jerry Parsons, Vegetable Specialist for the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, the Weekend Gardener.

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