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Apple Production - Medina, TX


Apples are not supposed to be this red in Texas and that's been one of the problems we've been having. People are saying, "Well, you know these Texas apples that we're growing are not as red as those you get out of Washington or somewhere like that." Well, that's because they have cooler nights. We don't have cooler nights, but what we do have are some of the best tasting apples you will ever put in your mouth, because we harvest them fresh and we're making apple products out of the fresh apples like apple cider and some of these type of things.

The apple industry has had problems, obviously; we have cotton root rot, a fungus disease that kills some of the trees. We've had this color problem and we basically had a production problem. But all of that all seems to be going by the way side because a lot of people are growing apples and, as you can see, there are large, large acres of them being planted. You are looking at one of the largest apple plots or acreages in the United States, planted in Kerrville, Texas. And of course we have apple tees that have been established several years in places like Bandera and Medina, and all around. So apple production is coming into it's own. Now all of this is coming to a forefront this Saturday in Medina, Texas, in Medina City, Texas, at the third annual Texas International Apple Festival. So if you actually want to see some products and some of the local produce that is being produced in the apple industry, plan to come up and join us at the Apple Festival.

This is Jerry Parsons, Vegetable Specialist for the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, the Weekend Gardener.

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