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Knowing Where Your Food Comes From


You know during this holiday season a lot of us forget where our foodstuff comes from and of course if I had to get it from the original source I'd probably starve to death. Luckily they've got facilities or apparatus to get it out a little bit quicker so we can have plenty of food on our table during the holiday season. This cow and cows like this gratefully furnish us a lot of our products to eat.

Of course there are other types of things. We've heard a lot of bad press about the killer bees and all that kind of stuff. As you can see these bees are kind of caged and nice and producing us some honey that's mighty good to eat this time of the year with fresh bread or whatever.

[Rooster crowing]

Then of course you can't hardly make bread or anything else without an egg every now or then. And of course people say, "Well I know where eggs come from. They come from the grocery store in those cartons." Well a lot of people wouldn't eat an egg if they knew where it came from. It actually comes from the chicken. A lot of people wonder how you get the egg out of the chicken. Well what you do is squeeze them real good and you get that white egg out of the white chicken.

So keep in mind that if you eat you are involved in agriculture. Be careful when you're condemning agricultural production or that which is associated with agricultural production because you might be cutting off your food source. And I'll tell you what nothing better than this fresh agricultural production. I think that's about 2% fat.

This is Jerry Parsons, Vegetable Specialist for the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, the Weekend Gardener.

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