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Last Minute Christmas Gifts


If you haven't gotten your Christmas gift by now you're in a heap of trouble. You need to find a Christmas gift that everybody will like, and as far as I know everybody eats. You need to find something that's healthful, so you kind of indicate that you're thinking of their welfare, and you need something that you can get quick.

These vegetable baskets sitting in front of me fit all those categories. They're beautiful, everybody that I know of eats, and everybody that I know of would enjoy getting one of these. If you look behind me you will see there are still a lot of vegetables in the field because it's been such a mild winter. In some of these baskets you'll find tomatoes, there not from California we're talking about picked this week. We're talking about vine-ripened tomatoes for your Christmas festivities and these are the baskets that are available.

The nice thing about these, not that I'm a cheap kind of guy nor are you, but these half a bushels are available for thirteen dollars. The secret is you've got to act now. Call this number out at Verstuyft, to some of the local growers here. The number is 622-3423. Call them now. I don't care if it's ten o'clock they love to hear from you this time of the night. Call them now and pick this up before noon on Saturday and you can have a helpful and very beautiful Christmas gift. For even those that started late you're going to finish right on top with fresh vegetables.

This is Jerry Parsons, Vegetable Specialist for the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, the Weekend Gardener.

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