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Home-made Arthritis Rub


Man your joints really hurt in this kind of weather, especially if you've got arthritis or crones that may your joints sore. You go down to the local supermarket looking for a little deep heating relief and you might find this product right here, it's called Capzasin. This is the brand name, but actually this name, capzasin is the active ingredient or the heat in peppers, the jalapenos and the chili petin.

So you can actually make your own product and save ten dollars on that package. I use ten chili petines and you can use more or less depending on how hot you can take. Put two tablespoons of this Vaseline into the bowl, mix it up, heat it a little bit or microwave it so you've got a nice consistent gel here like this and you want to make some of this and store it for the future because of course the chili petines will be gone after a little while. Then when you're putting this on make sure you don't have a cut on your hand because it will burn you real bad.

Also after you get through rubbing this on, it will take about thirty minutes for it to start acting, this product says the way to get that capzasin off your hands is with soap and water. It won't happen and unless your ready for a lifetime of celibacy you better get that stuff off your hands before you touch any tender part. The very simple way to do that is two tablespoons of Clorox in a bowl of water, wash your hands in that, and that will get rid of the capzasin and break it down. Then you'll have a deep heating arthritic pain reliever straight from your garden.

This is Jerry Parsons, Vegetable Specialist for the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, the Weekend Gardener.

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