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Frostproofing Your Tomatoes


You know they only say only a fool or a stranger will try to predict when the first frost is going to be. Of course everyone knows there's no stranger fool than myself and so that's why I'm the closest one that you can get to predict the first frost.

The first frost of this year will be November twenty-sixth. And whether I'm right or wrong you need to prepare your plants now to endure that frost. The way you do that is first of all you put something on to kill the bacteria. That's Kocide 101. The bacteria causes the ice on the leaves. Then what you do is spray it with CloudCover. It's an anti-tranaplant and if you have some left over you can use it on your Christmas tree.

Then the next thing that you want to do to make sure you have good frost protection is have some of this Grow-Web laying around somewhere, because it's a type of cloth. Instead of your blankets and sheets you can use this Grow-Web. Put it over your plants, it will give it five degrees cold protection and then you take it off about ten o'clock in the morning after the hard frost occurs.

Now the important thing is to remember that maybe a lot of you probably don't have a lot of tomatoes or produce around, but we've got some great farmers in the area that do. So if you need some Thanksgiving tomatoes, or broccoli, or cauliflower come on out here where I am, at Interstate 35 and Loop 1604, at the Verstuyft Farm. The telephone number is 210-622-3423 and you won't have to try to go through all the problems of trying to protect these delicious fruit.

This has been Jerry Parsons, Vegetable Specialist for the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, the Weekend Gardener.

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