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Protecting Tomatoes with GroWeb


You know with all the communicable diseases that are incurable around here, and all the pests that there does not seem to be a problem with, we have to protect our tomatoes someway. Especially the ones we're planting out now. A lot of the insecticides don't work. The more you spray them it just seems like the insects are not resistant to it or become resistant to it. So we've got to do something to keep the bugs off. We've planted our tomatoes the last couple of weeks--

[Bug flies on Jerry]

Whoop there he went. Maybe he'll fly off enough to get rid of him.

The thing about it is we've planted our tomatoes, we've drip irrigated them, and we've done everything to them. Now what we need to do is give them some kind of protective shield. This particular product right here is Grow-Web. It's an interesting type of cloth material that you can use at this time of the year. It's translucent. In other words it lets plenty of sunlight in, but yet it's porous enough to let plenty of air through, circulation through. Yet it's thick enough to keep any insects out. So you can literally put it over your plants and put it around your cages before you put your cages on and it will take care of them.

Now for instance this one I'm standing in right here, you see it's right over the tomato and the tomato is growing and doing well. Now a lot of people say, "Well can bugs get in there to pollinate tomatoes?" Well you don't need insect pollination for tomatoes and peppers so don't worry about their sexual parts needing manipulation by insects. Just cover them and make sure they're protected. I think I need to go down here and make sure my tomatoes are okay.

This has been Jerry Parsons, Vegetable Specialist for the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, the Weekend Gardener.

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