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Freezing Damage to Peaches


As you go out and look at your peach tree a lot of people say, "Well, I must have missed the freeze. I still have got a lot of peaches left." Well what you better do before you count-your-peaches-before-you-harvest-them, so to speak, is go out and harvest a few and cut them. Cut them open in the center and if this little black inside is dead or if it's black then you've got a problem and eventually all of these peaches will fall off.

Now as you see this peach tree is loaded with peaches and they haven't fallen off yet. But you can be rest assured that sooner or later they will. So don't count your peaches before they hatch they may fall off and you may not be any better than the hill country.

Now another thing that people have noticed around is that there are some worms. A lot of people are seeing worms falling out of the oak trees and they're kind of interesting little things. They're kind of beautiful. I think I have a few here that we can talk about. And if you look at these worms they've got kind of an hourglass design on the back of their backs. They're kind of beautiful little things.

They're called Forest Tent Caterpillars. They come out about this time of the year, climb up and down the oak trees, shed their skin, and then they're gone. Now they will eat the leaves on your trees, so if your really worried about that you can use almost any insecticide to control them or you can just let them run their cycle and be through.

So we've got good news in the fact that the worms aren't going to do too much harm and we have bad news in fact that you may be going to lose all your peaches anyway.

This has been Jerry Parsons, Vegetable Specialist for the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, the Weekend Gardener.

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