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Making Apple Cider


These apples may look good to a lot of people, but unfortunately, they have a few blemishes on them, which probably makes them less likely to be a number one choice. Well we are not going to throw something this good away, we are going to make something better out of it, and that's apple cider. Up in the hill country we have an operation that's squeezing apples and making some of the best apple products that you can put it in or imagine called apple cider.

We always get the question, what is the difference between apple cider, apple juice, and fortified cider for those hard-drinking type of people. Basically apple cider has some of the pulp left in it where as apple juice is a strained clarified product for the wimps that don't like the pulp. Simply the way this is done is this apple cider is made in the Texas hill country and is an all natural product. They take the apples and grind them up, as you can see, they dump them in one of these grinders and grind them up, then put them in between some cloth, and then they squeeze it in a press. Now this is simply a way to squeeze the apple juice naturally out of the apple. Then there's no additives or no preservatives added. This juice has to be kept refrigerated or frozen because since there are no preservatives added it can go bad on you.

This has been Jerry Parsons, Vegetable Specialist for the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, the Weekend Gardener.

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