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Stump Removal


[Chopping, pulling, pushing tree stump]

Man, I'm plum worn out after all that chopping, pushing, and pulling. An old fat boy like me shouldn't do all that kind of stuff, you know. But that's really about the only way to get a big stump like this out of your garden area, or your lawn area, or whatever.

A lot of people sell chemicals and things to pour in these and pour around them. A lot of people burn them, which you're not supposed to do in the city. But really the only way to get them out is dig them out, chop them out, or get a professional tree service to come in and grind them out.


So as you can see, with a little help from my friends you can grind almost any stump out to ground level and it will be out of the way and won't bother you anymore. This is about the only way to truly get rid of a stump like that. Have a professional tree service grind these stumps out and then cover them with soil. You can leave them up above the ground and then kind of squat on them and sit on them and enjoy your landscape if you want to. Whatever you want.

This is Jerry Parsons, Vegetable Specialist for the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, the Weekend Gardener.

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