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Well obviously it's rose pruning time in Texas. We had such a miserable spring this year. If we prune our roses back now we can have a good bloom this fall.

Now of course you probably won't want to do it all with a chainsaw unless you're moving big old dead wood like I was doing there. What we need is a little precision cutting. We're here with Jackie Clark, local rosarian and she's showing us how to make some of the finer cuts. We basically want to cut what about a fourth of the bush back, Jackie, and what kink of cut do you make?

[Jackie] "About a fourth of the bush. We need to take out the weak spindly unproductive growth and any die back canes."

Okay, and any of the old roses and whatever. Of course you've got buds on there, do you take those off?

[Jackie] "If you have the new growth or buds like this I just leave them on until they bloom and then cut them after they bloom."

Okay, a lot of people have had trouble with black spot on the roses this year. Should they take those leaves off and discard them, get them out of the garden?

[Jackie] "Yes, take the black spotted foliage off and destroy it."

And then use the funginex about every week?

[Jackie] "Every seven days."

Every seven days. And then fertilizing at this time the year we want to use one of the water soluble fertilizers mix up about a gallon every two to three weeks right?

[Jackie] "Right."

And then when should this rose pruning be completed?

[Jackie] "I would say this year by Labor Day."

By Labor Day. And then you'll have beautiful fall bloom this year. Even though you missed spring you still have a chance to come back and get it this fall.

This is Jerry Parsons, Vegetable Specialist for the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, the Weekend Gardener.

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