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'New Gold' Lantana


This is a beautiful flower, and I'm sure everyone would want one in their yard, but unfortunately it's one of the most noxious weeds that's ever been developed. It's a perennial and it's called lantana. It's a native and can grow in stone, drought resistant, many, many benefits of the types of plants we like, but the problem with it is after it blooms, such as this, it produces seeds and berries, such as this, and then they fall off and plants come up everywhere. And it quits blooming.

We want these plants to keep blooming regardless of how hot it is or how much they bloomed prior. You can do this with one of these old types if you cut the berries off but most of us are to scared to cut the berries off.

Now there's been developed a plant through plant breeding called 'New Gold.' It's a variety of lantana called 'New Gold' and it's available in your local nurseries now. And it's sterile, so it never produces seed, which means that it keeps on blooming. And you don't have to go out and cut it back. It will grow in dry stone in the hottest driest place that you have and provide beauty all summer long.

So now these Texas natives have been domesticated a little bit and if you buy a New Gold Lantana you can enjoy the beauty of it without it becoming a noxious pest.

This has been Jerry Parsons the Vegetable Specialist for the Texas Department of Agricultural Services the Weekend Gardener.

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