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Herbicide Tolerance Study on Three Buffalograsses

James A. McAfee, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Extension Turfgrass Specialist
Dallas, Texas

One of the most frequently asked questions for buffalograss lawns is, " what can I use to control weeds in my buffalograss lawn." Since buffalograss is a relatively new turfgrass for home lawns and the total acres of buffalograss lawns is small, there are not a lot of herbicides labeled for post-emergent weed control in buffalograss lawns at this time. In the summer of 1997, a study was conducted at the Williamson County Facility to evaluate six different post-emergent herbicides for phytotoxicity on three varieties of buffalograss ( Prairie, Nebraska 609, and Stampede ). There were six herbicides used in this study.

The herbicide which produced the most injury ( phytotoxicity ) was the Trimec 992 . Other herbicides which produced an unacceptable level of injury were MSMA at the highest rate, Confront at the highest rate and all Banvel rates. The herbicide which produced the least amount of injury was Manage. All plots had fully recovered within 30 days regardless of the amount of injury that resulted from the herbicide applications.

In summary, when controlling weeds in a buffalograss home lawn care should be taken when selecting a herbicide. First, make sure the herbicide is labeled for use in a buffalograss home lawn and secondly check the label for any potential problems. Even if the herbicide is labeled for buffalograss, there may be problems when applied to newly seeded lawns or during hot, dry weather conditions.

Table 1. Herbicide(s) for Pre-emergent Weed Control in Buffalograss Home Lawns.

Herbicide Company
Amaze Grass & Weed Preventor Green Light