Q: Is an amaryllis hardy?

A: Hippeastrum Johnsonii will survive mild winters outdoors.

Q: Can amaryllis bulb be potted?

A: Yes. Prefers to be somewhat potbound in sandy soil; needs bright light, lots of water before bloom. Pot 1 inch wider than the bulb with top above soil line.

Q: Amaryllis is beginning to show green again. When do you transplant?

A: Contrary to common practice with other perennial plants and bulbs, do not repot amaryllis annually. They produce their best and largest blooms when severely potbound. In time, older bulbs will produce offsets. These can be removed and planted in small pots and grown until they reach flowering size. Remove from the pot old bulbs that have produced these offsets. Do not disturb the root system any more than necessary while removing the offset. The old bulb can then be repotted carefully.

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