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'Oconee' (Nut photo) Orig. by controlled cross ('Schley' X 'Barton') made by L. D. Romberg, USDA-ARS, Brownwood, TX. Cross made in 1956. Selected and tested as 56-7-72 by T.E. Thompson, E. F. Young, Jr., R. E. Worley, R. D. O'Barr and R. S. Sanderlin; Released in 1989 for use in the southern U.S. pecan belt. Nut: elliptic, with obtuse apex and base; round in cross section; 48 nuts/lb, 56% kernel. Protandrous, with early to mid-season pollen shed and mid- to late-season pistil receptivity, similar to 'Desirable'. Good precocity and yield potential. Nut matures with 'Cheyenne', about Oct. 21 at Tifton, GA. Moderate scab resistance, fair resistance to downy spot and vein spot. Recommended (1990) for planting in LA.

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