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The Gesneriphile mail group expressed an interest in a Web site for African violets and other gesneriads. The following hastily assembled set of images and links is intended to display what one person's (Dan Lineberger's) view of such a Web site might contain.

The Growing Number of African Violet and Gesneriad Web Pages
Chimeral African Violets and the Chimeral African Violet Blog
African Violets International Discussion Group
African Violet Anonymous Discussion Group
African Violet Society of America
African Violets in Belarus
Triangle African Violet Society
American Gloxinia & Gesneriad Society
Room of Saintpaulia (Kenichi's Home Page)
Saintpaulia Information from Y. Hakuraku and his students (most of text in Japanese; nice photos)
Gesneriasts of Sweden
Optimara African Violets
African Violets on the Cheap
The Gesneriad Reference Web
Rob's Mini-O-Lets
Rachel's Reflections
The Kiwi Violet Room
Violet Planter
Wanganui African Violet & Gesneriad Club
I Love Plants African Violet Page

Online Discussion Groups
AVInternational Discussion List for African Violets & Gesneriads
African Violet Friends

Violets of All Types
American Violet Society
African Violet Books
Pictures, Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!
Any Web site pretending to represent the gesneriads and African violets should be replete with lots of pictures. Some should be artistic, but most should represent a cataloging of the diversity that exists within the family. My principal interest has focused on chimeral plants, and the Web site should be able to account for specialized interests as well.

Products for Successful African Violet Culture
KiekiGrow Offshoot Stimulator
Insects and Related Pests of African Violets

Research results
The Web is a wonderful place to highlight research results. The information can be "hot off the press" because display and delivery through the Web is instantaneous. I have posted some of my African violet research in the plant tissue culture INFORMATION EXHANGE, a special section of Aggie Horticulture.

Extension information related to African violets and other houseplants.
Many universities are now delivering their extension publications via the World Wide Web. A quick review found the following:
    Click on the violet at left to do a keyword search of the Ohio State PLANTfacts database for "African violet." This search engine searches most of the Extension and government publications in the US and Canada.
  • African Violets (from the Florida Master Gardener Handbook)
  • House Plants(from the Florida Master Gardener Handbook)

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