There is no such thing as a houseplant. Why make such a statement? Well, because no plants are native to a home. Plants we use indoors are native to various environments including deserts and jungles.  So how do we make a houseplant feel at home?

We choose plants that will tolerate our indoor environments so we can pot them up and decorate the interior of our home. Most of these plants are from tropical regions where they grow beneath a dense tall canopy of trees. Thus, they can tolerate lower light levels which are typical of most home settings. Adequate light is a key to success with houseplants.

In addition to adequate light levels, a second key to keeping plants healthy indoors is proper soil moisture. Dry soil brings obvious problem, yet more houseplants are damaged or killed by overwatering than perhaps any other factor. When the potting soil stays soggy wet, roots lack oxygen and die. Root rots often follow resulting in loss of the plant.

Some plants tolerate less light than others. They also vary in the amount of humidity they prefer as well as the temperature range they tolerate. The information in this section can help you choose plants that will thrive in various areas of your home and help you provide the proper care necessary to keep them healthy and happy.